Mennonite Enquirer: Ontario to finally designate Toronto as Jant Sied

It’s been years in the making! The province of Ontario has finally approved the new areas to be designated “Dit Sied and Jant Sied”. It would appear that Ontario Mennonites were always feeling left out when it came to which side they were on. The distinction of Jant Sied has long since belonged only to Manitoba Mennonites who have the two sides of reference. But that is about to change. Ontario has approved the new areas that will carry the same name distinctions as areas in Manitoba.

The Mennonite Enquirer traveled to Dit Sied Ontario to gain the reaction of the locals. Anne Toews of Toronto says, “We already talk like people on Dit Sied, so it works for me. Mennonites in Jant Sied (Aylmer) for instance talk with an “n” after everything so they’re easy to distinguish. They say, foaren, koaken, foaken, schmern, äten and like that. We’re Torontonian Mennonites and we don’t have time to talk like that so I’m glad we’re on Dit Sied”. Ben Peters says, “it seems only logical that Dit Sied should start at Toronto. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying. And now we’ll have the chance to make that long trip to visit frintshoft in Jant Sied. I’m looking forward to going to the Abram Leoppkys for faspa. That way we can stop off and pick up varscht in Kitchener on the way back”.

The reaction in Jant Sied Ontario seems to be a bit more mixed. “I’m suspicious that the government put us in Jant Sied for tax purposes”, says Anthony Plett. I mean, think of it. Most Torontonians think that milk comes from a grocery store and that Kielke come from mom’s kitchen. So I’m happy to be in Jant Sied. Out here we’ve got our hands on the plow”

The Mennonite Enquirer has learned that other provinces intend to following suit with offering their own “Dit Sied and Jant Sied”. British Columbia intends to make everything on the Abbotsford side of the Rocky Mountains Dit Sied and everything on the other side of the Rockies Jant Sied.

Call it Jant Sied envy if you will, Ontario can now also ask the famous question, “best du von Dit Sied ooda Jant Sied?”

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