The Day the Bandit showed up in Steinbach


A huge event that happened only once in Steinbach Manitoba.

The word went out in August 1983 that a million dollar Kenworth Tractor was coming to Steinbach Manitoba and the driver would perform a 180 on Steinbach Main street! It was Tyrone Malone and his ’76 Kenworth which was dubbed the Bandag Bandit.


It was touted as the world’s fasted highway tractor. Adults and children alike gathered around Main at Reimer to witness this one time event.  It was part of a promotion that was organized by Expetire on Keating Road.  And the best part of this Steinbach event, was free!

 Click below to see Tyrone's famous Kenworth power-turn! 

And here's something for the Steinbach nostalgia person in your life. 

And of course the famous (or infamous) Tourist hotel!




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