The amazing cheeseburger of Steinbach Pioneer Inn! John Blatz made the best!

The most amazing tasty cheeseburgers in all of Steinbach were made by….John Blatz at Pioneer Inn! Steinbach has seen a lot of restaurants over the years but I’ve never tasted a better cheeseburger before or since. I don’t know how an ordinary cheeseburger could taste soooooo good but they were just that delicious! John Blatz was an amazing chef!

I remember John Blatz at Pioneer Inn taking orders like the commander of an aircraft carrier! He had a stately way about him and always had a kind expression on his face! I can till see him turn toward the counter and ask, “so what’ll ya have?” And my answer was always the same, “cheeseburger and fries please”. No more than 10 minutes would pass before the bell on the counter would announce the ultimate gustatory delight was ready! Placing it on this table, it was a thing of beauty, the consumption of which was not to be rushed. A lavish dousing of salt and vinegar on the fries and all was right with the world! Oh to have one today! But alas, the days of Pioneer Inn are no more but the memories of John Blatz and his amazing cheeseburgers live on!

Pioneer Inn as it looked when John Blatz owned the restaurant.  It was eventuality sold to Pete Schellenberg and today is Earl's Meat Market. 

Enjoy more memories of Steinbach nostalgia be clicking on the cheeseburger below.


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