Plautdietsch word of the day: oppjedäwat

 Plautdietsch word of the day: oppjedäwat. Also known as oppjekracht

What it sounds like: An impromptu photo-op.

Pronounced: up-yi-day-vat

What it really means: Explosion, like a pressure cooker with a piece or varscht stuck in the pressure release valve. Also: dressed to the nines \ dressed to kill (in a conscientious objector kind of way) Having gone all out in fashionable attire.

Here we see Tina Stoesz bearing arms for John Letkeman on prom night.  John had a charming smile that she couldn't resist.  And Tina had everything that John couldn't resist; beauty that was on par with a heaping plate of kielke with schmaunt fat, a playful nature (that it seemed only Chortitz girls possessed) and a quarter section of farmland from her father (if they got married). 

Tina and John did get married. They had their "notjast" on the Stoesz farm with faspa and a barn dance.  This drew the ire of the Rempel spinsters but it was not because of the ultra transgression of dancing.  Rather, it was because they were jealous and felt that either of them would have made a better choice as a wife for John. (even though they were in their late 40s and John was only 22).

There's riding room for Hein, Lein, Jakie and Johnny! :-)

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