Plautdietsch still sounds better than English

Fall brought about cooler days and a return to school. Now about to start grade three, Rosella Plett was determined to shed some Plautdietsch and showcase her developing command of the English language. So for the start of the new school year, she decided to speak only English. (blous Enjelsh and that’s all!)

Rosella had been very much looking forward to lunch recess that first day. Her mom always made the best varscht sandwiches. Her parents had a full freezer of farmer sausage every fall after schlacht'ing schwien (hog butchering).  Upon opening her lunch box, she saw her mom had packed her favorite groosemame küake (grandma cookies) with a varscht sandwich. She decided to eat the cookies for lunch and leave the sandwich for the long walk home.

The school bell signalled the end of the school day. Rosella’s friends Nancy Giesbrecht and Luella Klassen joined her for the mile and a half walk home. It was then that she decided to have the varscht sandwich and pulled it out of her lunch box. It was at that very moment that she realized that she didn’t know the English word for varscht!  Luella Klassen was always very nieschierijch and promptly asked the dreaded question, “what are you eating?”. Rosella quickly replied with her best anglicized response, “wash sandwich”. They all laughed and she felt a little silly. Then Nancy looked at Rosella and replied, "daut Plautdietsch heajat sich je doch fäle bäta aus Enjelsh!" :-) (Plautdietsch still sounds a lot better than English!)

What nieschierijch means? Curious, inquisitive

A special thanks to one of our readers for the inspiration of this wonderfully charming story! And remember, you don’t have to know Plautdietsch to enjoy life,…..but it helps.


This recipe and many of your childhood favorites are in the original Mennonite Treasury of Recipes.  And this cherished family cookbook is still available!

Here are just a few of the many traditional Mennonite favorite recipes:

Kielke with schmaunt-fat of course!

Waffles and that ultimate sweet white sauce! (secret white sauce recipe included)

Heena sup Yes, the same great chicken soup that mom used to make!

Tweiback   Remember pulling of the top “bun” and filling it with jam?!

Summer Borscht Ahhh... the green beans and summer savory!

Roll Kucken and Raboosi! on a hot summer day! Could life be any better?!  :-)

Portzelky  Why wait for New Years?!  Make these tasty raisin filled fritters any time!

Cabage Rolls Holubschi the way it was meant to be; with rice AND beef!

Glums Wareneki There’s only one thing better than cottage cheese perogies; blueberry filled perogies!



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