Remember when Big Macs were big?


As a kid, there was no bigger treat in Steinbach than to go for a burger at the “Golden Arches”! A Big Mac, fries and a Coke was $2.99!   And they gave you change! Then you’d happily take your trash to the “trash gobblers”. In later years, the Big Mac became the to go to burger after an all night bender.   The special sauce was all to evident the next morning as you looked at your cloths and wondered, where was I last night?

Yes, it was the burger to end all burgers, the Big Mac! But today, it doesn’t really seem as big? Maybe they looked bigger as a kid? Maybe it was just the 80s when everything seemed bigger, like big hair? Or maybe the state of inebriation in the teen years tended to skew the size to a bigger state? And they're certainly not cheap any more!  Alas, the days of big Big Mac are gone but the memories remain!

Plautdietsch word of the day: Kuckhaulse


Pronounced: kuk-hauls

What it sounds like: A delivery trucking company

What it really means: to gag or nearly throw up

Example: Hein went to bed as he was feeling the effects of the baked beans he’d eaten for supper.  Although regrettable, he was forced to let the noxious gases escape him. Hein’s mumpjchi woke up from the long-drawn-out noises and began to kuckhaulse after which she replied, “oba du schwien!”

Have some fun with that special someone and say, "I love through sickness and in health...and through the effects of baked beans".


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