Steinbach’s first hotel and livery stable 1910 - Hiebert ungya dem Baum

Steinbach’s first hotel and livery stable 1910 built by Klaas R. Toews. You can see the old Kornelson school (far left) located on what is today Reimer Avenue. The hotel was later sold to Henry Coote.










The red dot on the map shows the location of the hotel and livery barn. To the northwest was Kruetzers Blacksmith shop (later Precision Enterprises)

The location of the livery barn has an interesting history. The following has been graciously posted earlier this year from an interview with Doris Friesen and her daughter Lori.

I just talked to my mom Doris Friesen for more information. Her dad Cornelius P. Hiebert (Knalz) was “Hiebert ungya dem Baum” It was a general dry goods store & Livery stable ( she said she used to have to feed & water the horses- cost 25 cents) C.P Hiebert (my grandfather) was also a certified Tailor and art mender. In one room at the back of the store he also cut hair. She describes the trees as very large on either side of the store hence the name Ungya dem Baum! They were taken down in 1947 when they rebuilt the store. The new store included a house on the back where the family resided.
Doris & Dave Friesen took over the store in 1959 at which time they renamed it the Steinbach Fabric Shop. They specialized in fine fabrics, sewing machines & drapery & blinds. For many years the Perths Dry Cleaning Depot was run out of the store.
My mom’s brother Cornie pitched for The Miller’s. Mom says his pitch was measured at 97 miles per hour!
Hope that helps a bit!

Thank you Lori for the added information and photo.

This Steinbach Fabric pictured here (courtesy of Lorin Vee) is on the same spot as the livery stable pictured on the photo take in 1910.  And the "baum" (tree) that Doris Friesen referred to can be seen in front of the building (far right).


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