The Wonders From Our Cast Iron Pan - the Menno Hash

Oba Yo Test Kitchen

A cool sunny day here in Manitoba and we decided to switch our Menno focus from digital work to time on the stove with our cast iron pan. Yes!  We have one in the staff room.


We only have one little 1" section of leftover worscht from breakfast so we broke it apart, throw in some ham (back bacon works wonders as well), ... oh, look at that, we also found bacon!!  We crisped up the potato and throw in the lot much like a Menno style chop suey. And if you have grated Parmesan and parsley on hand like we do, you will have a dish that have the looks and the works.

With all the favors form the meats, you don't need to add salt at all, Just pepper. A simple dish that is  economical, healthy, hearty and great tasting! 

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