Steinbach's Famous Sidewalk Sale Day Event!

Something more exciting than Steinbach’s annual FREE pancake breakfast?! It was Sidewalk Sale Days of course!? What was it all about? Great merchandise at extraordinarily low prices? The Steinbach tradition of setting up tables and bins outside the store with sale merchandise began many years ago. Today it still stirs the imagination of great bargains and limited quantities. The reality was that sidewalk sale day offerings were just leftover and slightly damaged stock that would not sell otherwise. But put it out on the street with huge sale sign amongst thousands of bargain hunting Mennonites and you had a major event! Top it off with a FREE pancake breakfast and you have arrived at Steinbach’s utopia!

Take the Steinbach Sidewalk Sale Day challenge.

If you can remember:

1-5 of these stores, then you’re considered retro.

5-10, you are vintage.

10+ you are considered a classic!


The Happening Cloth’s Shop

Reiger Clothing


Mid Town Shopping

Reimer’s Dress Shop

Steinbach 5 Cents to a Dollar

Penner Electric

Community Drugs

Marshal Wells

B&B Auto

Steinbach Furniture

Hilderbrand Music

J.R. Friesen

Steinbach Enterprises

Sew & Save

Robinson Stores

Tom-Boys Penner Merit

Koop’s Body Shop


Pet’s Inn

B&K Electronics

Modern Shoe Shop

Young Town

Reimer Farm Supplies

Edward’s Jewelers

The Steinbach Arts Shoppe

Brookdale Furniture

Penner Tire

Southeast Farm Equipment

Banman’s Volkswagon

Evangel Book Shop

Stylerite Department Store

Penner’s Transfer

Giesbrecht Home Appliance

C.T. Loewen and Sons

Kasper’s Pick “n” Pay

Grow Sir

Enjoy shopping for some Steinbach nostalgia by clicking on the Penner Food's Boy below.


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Has your Menno man been feeling a bit sluggish lately? Bring out that hungry man romance with our all-new Kielke with Schmaunt-fat body spray. Nothing says “ech vel die” more than the insatiable aroma of Mennonite cream gravy! Now you can enjoy an extra helping of passion and entice your lover with just a spritz. Take your Menno love life to the next level with Kielke with Schmaunt-fat body spray!  It will leave you exclaiming Oba Yo! 

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Wanna be a Mennonite and enjoy free faspa wherever you go? Maybe you were afraid to ask? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many have wondered how to get in on the Kielke with Schmaunt fat dinners and be first in line when the thrift shop opens!  And learning Plautdietsch helps! (Don't worry, there won't be a test)

Are you interested in getting more enjoyment out of life?  A Plautdietsch dictionary will provide you with hours of endless enjoyment while you reminisce through more than 25,000 words and Mennonite phrases.    It makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates this unique spoken language.  It also makes a great keepsake for children and grandchildren.  There are still a few available.  



Remember those awesome Mennonites dishes that mom made?!  Well they ALL here in the classic cookbook that made Mennonite food famous! Makes a great gift idea for helping the younger generation to keep the food traditions alive!

Artist's conception of world's largest varscht.

Winkler Manitoba has declared itself “The Varscht capital of Canada”. “The city has long been know for it’s famous Mennonite farmer sausage and it’s about time we get recognition for it” says John Klassen.  “And people should know that we do more in Winkler than just knack sot and drink yerba”. The city plans to begin construction of the 200 foot tall varscht this summer and have it completed by next year. It will then be perched on top of the city water tower. Plans are also in the works for an interpretive center that will allow visitors to watch the varch making process. The monument to Winkler will also have an elevator that will take you to he top of the varsch, similar to the dinosaur in Drumheller, Alberta. Not to be outdone, Altona has announced plans to erect the world’s biggest borscht grope. More of that in the next Menno Tribune.

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