Yes I am from Steinbach but I (try) not to brag about it!

It seems Steinbach has always had so much to offer.  Today, the city has countess restaurant offerings.  Pete's Inn (although long gone) seems to be the most well known from back in the day.

Yes,. people from Steinbach have a lot to boast about,…hard working, witty, good looking, dependable, ingenious, resourceful, makers of the best tweibach, kielke and rüak worscht,… the list goes on,..but they choose not to brag. Probably their most admirable trait,. is they’re so humble. Show your appreciation for someone in Steinbach with this humorous comfort T-shirt.   And it is ok to brag about it,.just a little ;-)  

You wear a shirt to make a statement.  So here's a shirt to wear so that you don't have to brag about being from Steinbach ;-)  A great gift for any fan of the Steinbach that was,,..and the Steinhach that is now.


One of the most important events in Steinbach....Meddachschlop!  Check out these his and hers mugs. FREE DELIVERY IN STEINBACH OR PICKUP IN WINNIPEG!


And then there's the gorgeous ladies!  Many a searching bachelor left his home to seek his true love in Steinbach. Was if the heavenly aroma of freshi tweibach wafting across the streets of the town?  Who knows when love is in the air!  A fun Mennonite Birthday card for anyone!


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