A Blast from Steinbach Penner Foods Christmas Past

Remember the amazing Christmas banquets that Jim Penner bestowed upon his employees? You really felt appreciated! And it was genuine. This time of year reminds me of those wonderful days of Christmas past. Jim Penners’ legacy was one of an employer who lavished so much on others. From bag-boy to manager, you were all treated the same,..and were treated very well! 

Everyone at Oba Yo strives to keep the Penner Foods memories alive.  Enjoy these offerings which feature the famous Penner Foods boy!


Bring back some great memories with this Limited Edition Penner Foods hoodie! Whether it's for yourself or as a gift, this memorable image of the Penner Foods Boy" is sure to bring back some great memories!


Almost everyone in Manitoba knows someone who worked at Penner Foods.  This LIMITED EDITION sweater is a tribute to all the employees who worked at Penner Foods and all those who have great memories of this truly amazing grocery store.


What could be more fitting than a Penner Foods apron! Cook up some delicious deli favorites with this nostalgic cooking apron. Available in red or navy.


A must have t-shirt to remember the “Summer of Penner Foods”! In your choice of 3 colors.

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