How to save big dollars every day,…..the Mennonite way!

8 Frugal Mennonites tips that will save you thousands! $$$$$

  1. Reuse tinfoil, zip lock bags and gift-wrap (that means you’ll have to be careful when you open gifts).
  2. Ask for extra jam and peanut butter when going out for freestikj and take the extras home when you leave. This tip alone can save you $15-$25 a year on jam and peanut butter costs!
  3. Bring your own lunch to events; like festivals or hockey games. In some cases you’ll have to smuggle the varscht sandwiches into the arena and other events. (Apparently some people frown on this sort of thing). You can also do this when going to the movie theater as well. And don’t be too surprised if the person next to you asks for a sandwich. They are delicious with hot mustard and ketchup!
  4. Save money by finding free sources of faspa. Eg, funerals, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.  Funerals are always a bonus time to visit with frintshoft. If it’s a wedding where you don’t know the couple, don’t worry. Most people don’t mind an extra few guests at weddings and anniversaries.
  5. Remember those ziplock bags that you saved? Always carry a few with you wherever you go. This way you can snag some cheese, pickles and tweiback for the ride home. They also come in handy when loading up on Costo taste testing samples. (You just have to make a few founds but you can usually get 4-5 samples before they gruns about it)
  6. Before you go shopping, make sure to check for coupons in your mailbox and online. Varscht coupons are seldom sent out but there are plenty of other coupons that you can generally find fairly easy.
  7. Always check the meat cooler for slightly used meat at the grocery store (close to expiry date). Cook it when you get home or freeze it. BONUS TIP: A slight greenish tinge on beef is just oxidation and will cook up just fine. So don’t be afraid to save that extra $3.50 on beef, even if it looks a bit green!
  8. Make sure to calculate the saving on all these tips and put that money into the credit union where it can draw interest.  Just the interest on money savings on free faspa could be as much as $1.76 a year! (Depending on how many funerals and weddings you go to)

So there you have it! How to save big dollars every day,…..the Mennonite way!

Plautdietsch word of the day: fe'plisat

Pronounced: fu-pli-zat

What it sounds like: A German made electric car.

What it really means: disheveled. un-tidy, unkempt

Opposite meaning of fe-plisat: Tidy in personal appearance

Example: The Chjnals Rampel-shu always made sure to take some extra time with her hair so that she didn’t appear fe-plisat when her oumtji came home from work.

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