Plautdietch sinjen!

For all you who’ve asked us for the encore presentation, here it is! Some sunshine that is sure to bring a smile to your day!


Remember those awesome Mennonites dishes that mom made?!  Well they ALL here in the classic cookbook that made Mennonite food famous! Makes a great gift idea for helping the younger generation to keep the food traditions alive!

That’s right,,.”real” schmaunt-fat and Kielke! The thick noodle tradition of the Mennonites.  The noodles are not really that hard to make, but the scahmaunt-fat is another matter.

Schamunt-fat is like a fine wine that allows no substitutes. Don’t be fooled by a knock off cream sauce that looks and tastes like béchamel! The real deal is made with the pan drippings of forma worscht. Any connoisseur of this Mennonite elixir knows that it should have a sweet smoky aroma and may even have small bits of worscht in the sauce. It is then caressed with sautéed onions that take the traditional Mennonite culinary noodle to the pinnacle of gustatory ecstasy!












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