A very special Oma! Her cookbooks are now available!


This is a tribute to honor a very special lady.  The world knows her simply as "Oma". She is someone who has touched the lives of hundreds and thousands of people around the world with her YouTube channel, “Cooking with Oma”.  She started her cooking channel in her 80s and she is now a mere 94 years young.  Her channel has received almost 2 million views. She is one of the most beautiful ladies that you may ever come to know.  She shares her cooking, she shares her  passion and laughter,...she shares all of her love with anyone and everyone.  It has been my privilege and blessing to come to know her through the many videos that she has graciously shared with the world.  She has a simple, compassionate and humble way that draws everyone to her. I'm sure if you see her videos....you may just adopt Oma as your grandmother as the hundreds and thousands around the world have done.  Click on the image below to view her one of her many videos. Each one of her amazing cooking videos comes complete with a yummy recipe, Oma’s infectious laugh, and a big helping of her love.

Oma gives so much more than just her wonderfully yummy recipes, which she has perfected over a lifetime of cooking. With the help of her loving son as videographer, Oma recorded over 47 cooking shows and captured the hearts of so many people all over the world who adopted Oma as their own grandmother.   Every video will leave you feeling good inside! And be sure to try making her recipes. Each one is easy to make and is,…..Yu...mmmmy!

Everyone in Manitoba has a special bond with Oma because she made her home in Winnipeg when she first came to Canada. Her story is also among the videos on her YouTube channel. Go check it out!  It's called "Oma's story".  It's a very interesting video that tells the story of how this very special lady came from Hungary and eventually made her home in Canada.

And now....(drum-roll) .....the announcement that everyone has been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!! ........

         Oma's long awaited cookbook is finally done!!
It's been a labor of love and years in the making, but Oma's family has just announced that the cookbook is finally done and ready to ship!  It contains 33 Hungarian and German recipes from Oma's cooking show on Youtube. It's also packed with photos and stories of Oma and her family. To order your very own copy, just click on the cookbook image.  (This link will take you out of our site directly into the publisher's site.) I'm quite sure Oma's cookbook will quickly become the most cherished in your collection!

The ObaYo team is very pleased to offer these t-shirts to honor Oma and all that she has shared with the world.


Those who've come to know and love Oma will appreciate this unique t-shirt. Available in three colors.

And for those who want to just make the famous Oma statement,....yummy! Premium ringspun cotton T available in 5 colors.










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    Thanks for leaving a comment :-) Here is the link

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    Please send me the link to get Oma’s cook book, I’d like to purchase it.

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