If Mennonites answered questions like Canadian politicians.

If Mennonites answered questions like Canadian politicians

Question: How will you assure Canadians that the quality of schmaunt fat will not suffer under your leadership?

Answer: “Our government will always strive to provide quality standards for all forms of lactose free schmaunt fat that is in compliance with regulated onion growers and government mandated pork production targets.”

Question; Why do you think that you deserve another chance to convince Canadians that you are the one who can unite the country with Kielke?

Answer: “Our record reflects that we were the first to offer Kielke that did not require butter to keep from sticking together, unlike the opposition leader who still wastes hundreds of pounds of butter each year.”

Question: You say that you understand farmers but you’ve never actually done any hard work in your life. So how can we believe anything you say?

Answer: “We have mandated a comprehensive Plautdietch learning program from dit sied to yant sied.   This way you’ll be able to understand what I’m saying when I’m telling the truth (which is seldom) and also when I’m lying”.

Question: You say that you were assaulted with what was deemed to be a "weapon".  In reality, it was only a ¼” pebble. Will your administration now be banning pebbles and sandboxes?

Answer: “I’ve always felt that pebbles pose a great risk. So we’ll be giving a 30 billion dollar grant to the Hanover municipality to ensure all pebbles are ground down to no bigger that 1/16 of an inch. (providing they are hauled by electric gravel trucks)"

Question: The country is now firmly divided. How do you propose to unite dit sied and yant sied.

Answer: “Voters have given our government a clear mandate. You may see , “dit sied” and others may see “yant sied” and our government will only see “my sied”. So it’s a non issue”. “We will continue to focus on cows that emit high flatus emissions and hog barns that stink more that our policies”.

The Right Honorable Leader of the The Woke Party of Canada ??

Would you like to enjoy something that does not require membership to the Woke Party of Canada? Enjoy some genuine honest humor with apparel that shows everyone that you enjoy your Mennonite culture.






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