A Starry Night And A Menno Moon - Funny Mennonite Love Card

A Starry Night And A Menno Moon - Funny Mennonite Love Card

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Ah yes, those earliest of romantic nights; the crickets chirping, a gentle breeze blowing with a hint of rüak worscht in the air, sitting on the porch swing, having an ice cream and papsi and dreaming of all the possibilities of a married life together. Time seemed as endless as a Sommafeldsha prädja’s sermon. Then suddenly you’re married and responsibility quickly sets in. Taking a crash course in the Mennonite Treasury of recipes, having your wareneki compared to those of your mother in-laws’ (and hers were always the best) finding your husband’s shorts under the bed, baking, gardening, sewing,…and,..and,…and you still love him like a pickle loves dill!  

Show your sweetheart you’d go through it all over again with a fun card that expresses, “I’m so thankful to have you”. (and the other stuff,..well,..it was a package deal,.. but still well worth everything you’ve shared together :-)

 Inside Message:  i wouldn’t trade you for all the knack zoat in yant sied

Card size: approx 5 x 7", individually sealed and wrapped to maintain their conditions, as well as for your protection.
Our greeting cards are designed, published and printed on full weight card stock made with Canadian forestry products.  All greeting cards are matched with full weight color envelopes that also adhered to the WWF, Rainforest Alliance and Sustainable Forestry Paper Made Here's high standards.



   spatseja = visit

   knack zoat = sunflower seeds

   oba due schwein = oh you pig!

   papsi = pepsi

   yant sied = the other side (known as the land of sunflowers)

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