Memories of Don's Bakery

Memories of Don's Bakery Steinbach, MB

It was a simpler time,..almost before time, when little girls and boys made the trip with their mothers' to Don's Bakery.  Oh just the sight of those "long johns" behind the glass and the quivering fingers that would hold this utopian treat!  Enjoy wonderful memories with this comfort T shirt that pays tribute to the Mennonite sweet shop that was Don's Bakery.

Don's Bakery Steinbach Nostaglia T shirt

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Mennonites, but were afraid to ask! The MENNONITE ENQUIRER! What was it really like to live in a house barn? Is fuscheling rude or just plain wrong? Is sharing a papsi and ravel while holding hands considered dating? All of these questions and many more will be answered so the general public can get a more accurate sense about this sometimes-private culture. Do “tweibach” really taste better than the usual “einbach” buns that are familiar to most?  The Mennonite Enquirer is blowing the lid of off some of the oldest misconceptions and enjoying some good honest humor in the process!   Come back often! You’re sure to learn a lot and enjoy a read that, while provocative, always celebrates the best that we can bring out in one another if we try.  

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