Tourist Hotel Glass Beer Mug

Tourist Hotel Glass Beer Mug

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For Steinbach nostalgia buffs and reformed abstainers alike....the limited edition Tourist Hotel beer mug is here!

There was a time when the founders of Steinbach said that an automobile should never see the streets of the town and that a car represented all that was wrong and worldly. A short time later, J.R. Friesen opened the first Ford dealership in Western Canada. Today, we have cars with blazing loud illegal exhaust racing down Main street Steinbach every night. (btw..where are the cops of the 70s who chased down ever young kid with a thrush muffler?)  Air conditioning is now standard on most vehicles along with satellite radio option.  How much more comfortable it is these days, to drive to Steinbach in comfort and stock up on worscht?!

There was a time when many local Steinbach residents felt that the Eaton’s catalog section of semi-nude women wearing the latest bra fashions, would pervert minds and encourage eroticism and burlesque. In those days, one had to be content with the underwear choices at Stylerite. Today, C cups of all shapes and sizes can be ordered on any iphone and the use of proper support is not only condoned but also recommended by posture experts around the globe. The current brassiere styles also reflect a more tasteful appearance that is not akin to the front end of a '57 Chevy. Yes,..much has changed in Steinbach since the bra burning era of the 1960s!

And there too was a time, when the last beer mug was filled on Main street Steinbach at The Tourist Hotel.  Many locals felt that the closing of the hotel would keep the town dry and usher in a utopian age. Today.,…. prohibition has been repealed! (with suggested responsible use guidelines) and you can once again party like it’s 1969! Enjoy your choice of beverage, such as strawberry cool-aid or a mild .02% “near beer” or toss caution to the wind with a 6% stout,…The Tourist Hotel mug will adequately accommodate your choice!

So, whether you rock the night in Steinbach with your Nissan tuner,.. or casually shop for lingerie online,… the new Tourist Hotel mug may prove to offer more enjoyment than the other two combined!

Just $24.50. Free delivery throughout Steinbach or pickup in Winnipeg. (while supplies last) This glass beer mug is not currently available for shipping.

Tourist Hotel FAQ:

The hotel that became more famous after it was gone! The Tourist Hotel in the Mennonite community of Steinbach Manitoba, was built in 1928 and served the town for almost 50 years.  The original establishment was demolished in the 1970s with the intention of building a new hotel in the same location in the center of town. This however, did not materialize. It was after this, that the Tourist Hotel became more well known than ever before. Throughout the next 40 years, the stories of Steinbach's "self appointed prohibitionists and part time abstainers" have woven their way into the folklore of the dry town that never was.

Here’s a chance to own a unique piece of pure Steinbach history. The graphics of this beer mug feature the original design of the Tourist Hotel. And for the record,..the hotel served more than just "uncle Henry's cough medicine" Cheers! ;-)

And for those who can relate to the cold Steinbach winters and need to stay warm with a little nip or some warmer layers,'s The Tourist Hotel Hoodie


And for those who may still be on Steinbach's prohibition committee, here is a fun birthday card to remember the time when dancing could lead to drinking.  (note: many of the Tourist Hotel patrons were interviewed after drinking 6 beers and they attested that their dancing was no better than if they had not consumed any beer at all!)

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Mug Specifications

These sturdy clear glass mugs have designs printed on both side (of the handle, around).  Our designs are printed with the latest in sublimation technology and will remains bright and vibrant for many washes when handled carefully.

  • Glass 18 oz mug
  • Height: `6-3/8" (13.9 cm)
  • Diameter: `3-3/8" (8.57 cm)
  • Do not use in microwave
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Scrubbing not recommended
  • Please allow +/- 1/16" variance
  • Glassware produced in Asia
  • Decorated in Canada
  • 100% designed and decorated by 
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