Steinbach Private School Students and Teacher ca. 1915

The Steinbach Tribune

A school class is standing on the side of a school . Sixteen Children are standing, ( 9 boys, 7 girls); 13 children are kneeling in front of them ( 8 boys, 5 girls) Fourteen are sitting down , ( 7 boys, 7 girls) The teacher is standing at the left of the photo, wearing a suit and a white shirt and a tie. The school has large windows, 5 are shown. Behind the teacher is another building, looks like a barn. Here is list of those in the photo;

The teacher is Bernhard S. Rempel.
Names of Students: Peter L. Reimer, Peter H.W. Reimer, Gerhard W. Fast, Abraham Brandt, Peter D. Friesen, Jakob Wieler, Abram Hirstboh, Franz Hirstboh, Gerhard Unger, C.K. Reimer, Johann T. Kroeker, Heinrich Giesbrecht, Diedrich Fast, Klaas Kroeker, Bernhard Reimer, Gerhard Reimer, Heinrich D. Friesen, Andreas Koot, Klaas M. Toews, Jakob Dueck, Bernhard P. Toews, Heinrich N. Unger, Heinrich Koot, Jakob Friesen, Margaretha (?), Susanna Reimer, Anna (?), Justina Fast, Aganetha Reimer, Elisabeth P. Toews, Katharina Doerksen, Katharina Toews, Sara B. Reimer, Anna B. Toews, Margaretha K. Reimer, Elisabeth Dueck, Aganetha Brandt, Margaretha Doerksen, Anna Reimer, Tina Friesen, Anna Koot, Anna T. Reimer, Maria Reimer.

The following was provided by Ralph Friesen writer and historian;

In 1906 the Manitoba government made a law requiring that all registered schools should fly the Union Jack. This patriotism was taken by the Kleine Gemeinde as a sign of militarism, so the Gemeinde withdrew from registration and changed its schools to private schools in 1908.
In the Steinbach village school, this lasted only until 1911. In the first years, Steinbach was a village of only the KG, but in 1882 the Holdeman Gemeinde was founded, and about 15 years later, the Bruderthaler. Some Lutheran families had also moved in. People were simply not content to have a German-only school in the village. So the old school, built in 1880 with two classrooms, was changed to a public school with three classrooms in 1911. The Kleine Gemeinde Aeltester, Peter R. Dueck, along with the larger part of the Gemeinde members, were not at all in agreement with this, and started a new private school in the old building near the south end of the village. [This is the one depicted.] The old teacher Gerh Kornelsen was hired as teacher. His son, G. G. Kornelsen, who had taught the lower class in the old school for some years, stayed on as teacher in the new public school. Sometimes students from the two schools would meet each other on the street, resulting in some friction. [B. S. Rempel succeeded Gerhard E. Kornelsen, though he was himself from the Bruderthaler--EMB.               P. J. B. Reimer in The Scratching River Post, October 23, 1980.

The picture below of Teacher Ben S. Rempel is dated 1914.(courtesy Ralph Friesen)

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