Plautdietsch words of the day: plümi moos

Plautdietsch words or the day: plümi moos

Pronounced: ploo-mi-moose (some say ploo-mi-mouse)

What it sounds like: A rare Canadian wildlife species, the ploomi moose. 

What is really is: a delicious sweet plum soup.

This may bring back some memories around your family Easter table. A simple traditional Easter faspa was plümi moos, sliced ham, tweibach & butta, coffee & zocka schtetja (sugar cubes). Seja eefach oba schmatjt seja scheen! (Very simple but very delicious)

Wishing everyone God's blessing through His greatest gift to all of us in Jesus! Happy Easter!


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  • Abe Driedger on

    One of the best meals I had when I was young

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