Plautdietsch word of the day: koltjarich

Pronounced: kolt-ya-riych

Note: (the "ch" sound is like when a cat is coughing up a hairball).

What it sounds like: a type of farm cultivator

What it really means.................. 


It was a hot summer day when Leina and Hein were invited to the Peter Barkmans' for faspa in Blumenort. The Barkmans' didn’t have air conditioning so they had to open the windows in the house. They had all sat down at the table to enjoy faspa when suddenly the wind changed and large blast of hog barn smell filled the house. Leina suddenly felt koltjarich from the stench of hog barn.


What it really means: feeling like you’re going to throw up, barfy, sick to your stomach, like you're going to puke.

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