Plautdietsch word of the day: emm sonnst 

Plautdietsch word of the day: emm sonnst

Pronounced: em-zonst

What it sounds like: a mild sunburn

What it really means: free, without expected payback

Example: Leina had given 6 jars of sour pickles to Mrs. Jacob Thiessen for wedding faspa when their daughter Judy got married. It was a wonderful wedding and ceremony, although it dragged on a bit, as it usually did when Corny Ginter was called on to deliver the message. But for the guests, it was well worth the wait. They had pigs in a blanket (perski), cheese curds, bread and butter pickles, raspberry jam, blueberry and lemon plauts, and of course,….Leina’s sour pickles.

After a year, the Joap Tee-shu still had still not returned the jars. This began to irritate Leina. One day she said to Hein,. “Ya know,. die jlasa kommi nich emm sonnst! (one does not get those canning jars for free!) Leina got a bit red faced when the Tee-shu finally brought them back,…. filled with beets! "I didn’t want to bring back the canning jars empty. I hope you like the beets" said the Tee-shu.

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