Frintschoft Froag: Name something a Mennonite mother would tend to in her daily life.

This week's Menno survey.  Name something a Mennonite mother would tend to in her daily life. Have some fun and post your guess.  Correct answers will be revealed as they come in.

#1  Tjinja (look after the children)

#2   Äten moaken (cooking food)

#3  Tjleeda wausche (washing clothes)

#4  Making and mending clothes.

#5  Em goade schaufe (gardening)

#6  Oomtje besorje (looking after the husband)

#7  Enmaoke, enkoake, enlaje (to put by/ preserve different foods)

#8  Besorje (a one word term that generally meant the chores of looking after any and all things on the farm)

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