Frintschoft Froag: Something that "Mennonites" do for fun and relaxation

Here we see Hein and Lein having some fun at the annual Sommerfeld picnic.

Frintschoft Froag:  Something that "Mennonites" do for fun and relaxation...?.?

What is something that "Mennonites" do for fun and relaxation? (Contrary to popular opinion...Mennonites do actually have fun,..unlike girls who JUST wanna have fun :-)

Thanks to everyone who posted guesses (and had some fun) on how Mennonites have fun :-)

#1 Spatsearen (go visiting / socializing)

#2 Faspa break (a light lunch)

#3 Play Dutch Blitz

#4 Have Meddachschlop

#5 Sot knaken ( eat sunflower seeds)

#6 Drink Maté (hot) or Tereré (cold)

#7 Go for an ice cream

#8 Have 1 beer (ONLY 1 on a hot day)

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Have some extra laughs with Mennoniten Forschen (The Mennonite Enquirer)




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