The "Mennonite soda pop" store in the days of Papsi and Ravels

The days of Papsi and Ravels seemed numbered when Pic-A-Pop came to Steinbach Manitoba. We all know that saving money came with the culture of being a Mennonite, so it seemed only logical that saving money by refilling pop bottles with your favorite soda went hand in hand. No longer would you have to pay for Papsi advertising! Now there was Pic-A-Pop! Who remembers the Saturday ritual of loading up 5 cases of Pic-A-Pop empties into the trunk of a ’73 Chevy and traveling with mom to Steinbach to have the them refilled? Ahh the seemingly endless choices!…root beer, cream soda, orange, black cherry and cola? (to name just a few) It would seem that the days of Papsi and Ravels were over. The savings that came from buying Pic-A-Pop would be deposited into the Cradit Union to draw interest for all Mennonites who practiced frugality. Why Coca-cola never became a contender? Who knows?! You just never heard of any kid walking to Steinbach for a Coke and a Ravel! (that just sounds wrong) A Pic-A-Pop black cherry and a Ravel?! (I don’t think so) There’s just nothing that could compare to a Papsi and a Ravel :-)



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