Steinbach's Next Top Model

It's hard t believe that it was a simple quiz about Steinbach that started everything.

Here's the one that started it all.

It’s been almost 15 years since ObaYo started the world laughing. From the owner of Penner Foods monitoring the employees parking to close to the store, to the many other nuances of Steinbach and it's people.  Much of our humor is based on select locations across Canada but we never forget about the place that started everyone laughing; Steinbach, Manitoba. Here are a few examples of what we’ve done over the years.

And here we see the hopes and dreams of many a Steinbach youth.

For the girls: to marry a dashing young man from the Steinbach area.

For the boys: to get a set of wheels and land a job at Penner Foods.

Here we see "Tante Lein", and two other friends enjoying some time cutting loose on a road trip to Grand Forks. While Steinbach offered almost everything that one could desire, the US had more selection and the Canadian dollar was worth 10 cents MORE than the US dollar in 1970. And the motel rate was $6.25 a night!

Would you enjoy seeing your old "vintage" photo on a greeting card?!  Here's your chance to submit a photo that may appear on a future Steinbach nostalgia greeting card.

Here’s a Q&A for those who are interested;

Q:  What is considered a “vintage” photo”?

A:   Some of the best “vintage” photos have come from the early 50's to late 70's era but we consider anything pre 1985 to be vintage.

Q:  If you use my picture on greeting card, what’s in it for me?

A: If we use your photo, we’ll send you 12 complimentary greeting cards of the new design (including free shipping) and you’ll have endless bragging rights that you’re on a greeting card that sells nationwide from Main Bread & Butter Steinbach,Manitoba to Abbotsford B.C. That’s it! These "local" greeting cards are meant to celebrate Steinbach.

Q:  Does the picture have to be about Steinbach….. or have a Steinbach landmark in it…. or be about Mennonites or relations?

A:  Not at all. It just has to be “vintage” and include 1-3 people in the photo.

Q:  Do I get some sort of recognition or mention for the photograph.

A:  Not. This is done to have fun, not for great fame or fortune. We mention no “actual” names. If we do use a name in the speech bubble, it’s fictitious.

Q: Exactly what will the greeting card say with the photo?

A: That’s up to our creative designers. Be assured that it’s funny and in good taste. Our cards are produced to celebrate the people, Mennonite culture and events of Steinbach. They are whimsical, playful and funny. We NEVER produce cards that are negative, satirical or intended to mock. There’s way too much good about the culture and people of Steinbach to celebrate that keeps us busy! We like to make people laugh in good way!

Q:  If I submit a photo, is it guaranteed to be used?

A:  There is a 95% probability that we will us it,.. but we can’t guarantee it. It will depend on our workload because there are other projects that we work on at ObaYo.  It does take a fair bit of time to create a truly funny card and put it into production.

Click on the chicken below if you'd like to see more examples of how we make the world laugh.

So if you got a vintage photo that you’d like to submit for consideration, just click on the link to contact us and let us know how many photos you’d like to submit. We’ll reply with an email where you can send the digital images.

Deadline for submissions: February 15, 2022

Click here to contact us.

Thanks to all who are interested!






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