Remember January 6th is Penner Appreciation Day!

Well it’s that day again! Penner appreciation day! It’s hard to believe that another year has passed since we’ve shared our appreciation for some great Penners past and present. So who better to start with, than the one who christened Steinbach’s new pool in 1979 by taking a plunge with his clothes on! was Mayor A.D. Penner, who also lent his name to the affectionately dubbed “Abe's Hill.” Then, there’s Jim Penner who gave me my first job (although technically it was Corny Kroeker who hired me).  Penner Foods gave a lot of people employment and had the most totally awesome Christmas banquets! And there’s Tony Penner who always had a great smile and fixed my shoes at Tony’s shoe repair (I still miss that place). There’s the old Penner Chev and all the amazing people who worked there (although it wasn’t really just Penners who worked there). And then there was Joanne Penner who had a major crush on me in grade 10 (sorry it didn’t work out :-( it just wasn’t meant to be). The list of great Penners is actually too long to list I’ll stop and simply say, to all the Penners out there; “Happy Penner Appreciation Day”! (Although we do know that actually it should be Penner appreciation day everyday!) So remember to pickup some flowers or chocolates on the way home for that special "Penner" in your life!

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  • A Reimer, Winnipeg on

    Shirley Penner is another great Penner ambassador from Steinbach ♥

  • Lois on

    January 6 – Epiphany or Three Kings Day the world over!

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