Just a reminder to all you romantic Mennos! Today is Valentine's Day! 3 Great suggestions!

Just a reminder to all you romantic Mennos! Today is Valentine's Day! And as a reminder to all the mumtjes out there; if you want more romance out of your oomtje, you’ve got to get with the romance program as well! Not sure what to do? Here are some suggestions for mumtjes and oomtjes alike.

  1. Pack some varscht sandwiches and go for a road picnic! Be sure to dress nice: A new pair of jeans, tan suede blazer and 3 button black sweater would look nice. And don’t forget a spritz of nice after shave.
  2. A candle lit kielke with schmaunt fat dinner. Don’t skimp and get the nice candles. This would also be the time to skip the yerba in lieu of a few wine coolers.
  3. A dinner out: (no this does not mean going to Costco for free food samples). Maybe a nice dinner at Chicken Chef! Try to find a nice private corner where it’s not so noisy (just be advised that a lot of seniors go there and they talk very loud!).

So there you have it. Three great suggestions. And if these are a bit too romantic for you, there’s always Morden’s chocolates and flowers. Some of the grocery stores have a good price on flower arrangements. Menno tip: If you wait till tomorrow, all the chocolates are 50% off!

Here's a Mennonite love card that says, "I'd bake tweibach for you any day!"

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