Gas price is down. 36.9 cents at Penner Dodge Chrysler in Steinbach! (regular only)

Gas price is down. 36.9 cents in Steinbach!

Bringing down the cost of living in Steinbach.  Look no further than Penner Dodge Chrysler Texaco! Our friendly gas pump attendant is ready to serve you and save you money!  Come to Penner Dodge Chrysler and say, "filler er' up"! And while you're there, check out the all new1961 Dodge with a "whoosh" eight cylinder engine! 

Average minimum wage in 1961 was 65 cents an hour. Gas was 9.76 cents a liter (36.9 cents a gallon) which means you had to work 9.08 minutes for a liter of gas.

Minimum wage in 2023 in Manitoba $13.50 per hour. Gas is 1.75 a liter. Which means you work 7.77 minutes for a liter of gas.

So there you have it! We’re better off than in 1961 when it comes to buying gas!  Today, you work 1.31 minutes less for that same liter of gas!

Although you can't buy gas at Penner Dodge Chrysler anymore, you can bring back the memories with this great T shirt that sports the Penner Dodge Chrysler logo of yesteryear! Great for that special Dodge person in your life! Click on the image below.

Be sure to check out our complete selection of Mennonite and Steinbach greeting cards by clicking on the chicken below!

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