The Great Mennonite Debate over Socks with Sandals. Have your say and cast your vote!?

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The voting polls at ObaYo close at midnight August 01. Cast your vote and have your say! Is it ok to have your feet go commando in your thongs? Are you in favor of socks with sandals? Do you find it difficult to get in the mood when gazing down at segregated bulges in a pair of thongs? Or is it more harmonious to wear sandals that keep all the piggies together? Maybe the issue is more about hearing the slap slap slap when your oumchji walks in the door for faspa? There’s no judgment here. Have your say!

Here are some of the most recent comments.

P. Toews  Alymer Ontario "I'm all for socks with sandals but the socks should always be black"

S. Wiebe Herbert Saskatchewan "I don't mind my husband wearing socks with sandals, I just wish he'd take his socks off for bed"

A. Thiessen Steinbach Manitoba "yes, so long as the socks are on sale"

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  • C Richter on

    No socks with sandals is ever cool. However I see some teens now with socks and sandals. Does that make me old?

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