Seniors ride for Steinbach

A sneak preview of an upcoming Mennonite Enquirer

Seniors took to the street along Woodhaven and Brandt in Steinbach Manitoba to ride for what they are calling “Save Our Steinbach!” They plan to bring awareness to the world about the continual demolition of older houses in their city and what they call “the big corporate menace”.   Peter Thiessen says, “do you see what they’re doing along Brandt street?! Myself and my mumpchji are sick and tired of driving our active living bicycles through construction to get our morning dobble dobble at Tims. We’re loosing too much of our Steinbach! It’s got to stop!” So we organized the “Ride to Save Our Steinbach”. We’re going all the way from Woodhaven to Chicken Chef and plan to stage a protest at the corner of Reimer and Main”! 

In other news; A change of life is happening in Wichita Kansas. Mennonites there are giving up their Harley Davidsons and trading them in for various John Deere and other major vintage tractors. “It’s time to grow up,” says Annie Klassen who used to own a 1200 Sportster. “It’s really quite childish now when I think of it. We thought we were so tough with our Harleys, tattoos and leather jackets. I even got a tattoo of Elvis in the 60s on an area of my body I won't mention.  I do regret it because now "Elvis" looks more like Joe Biden with a lot of dimples. What can I say? We were young and foolish.  Now we're older and less foolish.  It’s time let go of the rough tough biker thing. So my oumchji and myself each bought matching 1945 model D John Deeres and we run them at our local Mennonite museum. It’s nice because the old John Deere D makes a lot of noise. So we still feel we're kind of cool!"

There’s more to come on these stories, in an upcoming Mennonite Enquirer.

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