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The approval of the Southeast Event Center in Steinbach has all the Mennonite community abuzz with the prospect of hosting the 2028 Olympics. Already speculation has begun on the shape of the new center that will reflect the Mennonite heritage as well as being a world symbol of the city’s hospitality. Unofficial reports claim that it may take the form a huge kompst borscht bowl that will seat 100,000!   Other more conservative designs are for a large knipsbrat with seats in the shape of chjlatz.

ObaYo reporters took to the streets of Steinbach to gauge the reaction to the announcement of the Southeast Event Center. Henry Schroeder claims, “I think it’s great, us Mennonites will finally be able to add knipsbrat as an Olympic sport”. Tina Wiebe says, I think it’s good news for Steinbach. I just hope they don’t serve liquor at the events”. And Judy Martens voiced her concerns by saying, “I’m not sure about it.   Remamber when they expanded the cradit union, they had to tear down all those nice houses to make room for parking space. So,. I’m worried that they’ll have to tear down the houses in half the city to make room for parking”.   Others are excited about the prospect of setting up a rollkuchen concession stand in the new center.   Whatever the views, it appears the city of Steinbach Manitoba has hit the “big time” with the new Southeast Event Center!

By: Ben Friesen, Steinbach, Manitoba for the Mennonite Enquirer Aug 01, 2021

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