Is it still worth the trip to Steinbach?

Steinbach Manitoba residents were stunned this week to learn that a long time car dealership has filed for bankruptcy. Our reporter traveled to the famous automobile city of Canada to gauge the reaction from the locals. Tim Ladobruk says, “I think things have been going downhill ever since we lost Loewen Chev Olds and Penner Foods! So it doesn’t make a difference to me.” John T. Friesen told us, “I was going to buy a new car but that’s ok. Now I can keep my money in the Cradit Union longer to draw more antrast. So I’ll have to make my af-150 last me for-aver!”

While the dealership has thrown the car buying public into uncertainty, the effects were also being felt among many other shoppers. The Mrs George F. Neifeld-shu exclaimed, “what’s going to be next?! Maybe the next time I come to town, Reiger clothing might be gone! Or we might even have to start buying farm milk on the black market”!

While it is shocking, the Mennonite Enquirer has confirmed it is true. Penner Motors declared bankruptcy on August 23rd 1970…and will not be reopening.

So is it still worth the trip to Steinbach? The Mennonite Enquirer will be doing a complete investigation and report in an upcoming issue.

Stan Sawatsky for the Mennonite Enquirer Steinbach Aug 23

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