Steinbach Fabric Shop and Sew & Save

The newest fashions and the latest styles were all to be had by the thrifty Steinbach household that had someone who knew how to sew!

Paying retail for clothes at Sylerite or settle on less desirable clothes at the MCC?.?  Wait,.. there's another option!  Pickup a pattern and a nice poly-cotton blend and make your own! 

The "I can make it cheaper" Mennonite spirit was alive in well in Steinbach! Sew & Save and Steinbach Fabric Shop were probably  two of the most well known textile shops from back in the day. 

How about a nice checkered yellow fortrel to match the harvest yellow fridge?!  "Yes!,. Mrs Henry Gerbrandt will be so jealous"!



Steinbach Fabric Shop 2nd Anniversary 1961


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